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FAT2e Chapter 25, Incorrect call out of an Image.

FAT2e Chapter 25, Page 627: Textbook, 

The last paragraph refers to "Figure 25-18". It refers to the reverse boost valve. Figure 25-18 is located on page 633 and is not an image of the reverse boost valve, but rather a shift valve. Figure 25-18 it is called out again on page 632 as a shift valve.

Also appears in the E-Book, Figure 25-18 

FATO Chapter 25, LO K25001: it refers to Figure 17 which is not a reverse boost valve, but an image of a shift valve, Figure 17 is called out again under the topic heading "shift valves".

Note: I do not see an image of a reverse boost valve.



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  • Dec 17 2018
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